Mars Concord Limited

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Our Solutions

Our mission since establish had been to cultivate professional relationships with our clients to provide practical and reliable information technology solutions for fulfilling our client's needs. The management term at Mars Concord Limited are with a highly developed experience on all aspect of information technology.

OA solutions

  • Computer and notebook
  • Monitor and Human interface
  • Printer and Ploter
  • LAN and Wan products

FA solution

  • Controller & Micro Processor
  • Motor and Transforma
  • UPS and Power Management
  • Sola panel and solutions

Intelligent Home

  • Smart power plug
  • Smart bulb
  • Voice control solution
  • Smart in-wall switch

Latest Solutions

Technology had changed our the way we live and working. Automation is not an untouchable topic nowadays, infact, it happen anywhere next to you.

Office Directory

Office Directory

Total solution for Office, shops, shopping more and hotels.